A third of real estate professionals forced to take time off during the pandemic boom


The study by the second company of business numbers revealed that 30% of people working in the industry have been absent from work in the last two years, not because of illness, but because they feel exhausted.

He said the main reasons for this fatigue were: “A heavy workload, often leading to longer working days, as well as a lack of clear boundaries between their personal and professional lives.”

Other reasons for this burnout were “customer relationships” as well as “workplace expectations, such as meeting sales targets.”

A quarter of those who took time off only needed a day before returning to their office, and 25% took two days to recuperate.

But as many as 17% took five to seven days off, and a further 13% said they had been away for more than a week.

The report found that instances of severe fatigue “were quite limited”, with 48% exhausting themselves only once a year. 28% took time to recover twice in a single year, 17% exhausted three to five times a year, and 7% more than five times a year.

George Lineker, co-founder of YourBusinessNumber, says: “It’s really only now that mental health in the workplace is getting the attention it deserves and one of the biggest issues we face is fatigue or burnout.

Whether it’s a mammoth workload, hitting high performance goals, or not having a clear stop button when you finally get home, people across the country are all suffering from the same stress and the same expectations induced by work.

This can have a serious impact on their well-being and the real estate industry is no different. Like many professions, the pandemic has led to a huge increase in the average real estate professional’s workload and as a result, one in three are having to take time off because they have reached breaking point.

The YourBusinessNumber survey was conducted by ProperPR who contacted 777 real estate professionals online on June 17.

The founding investors of YourBusinessNumber include former England striker and Match of the Day host Gary Lineker, who is George’s father, and former Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward.


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