A third of real estate professionals suffer from burnout…


A third of real estate professionals reported suffering from burnout due to the pandemic boom in the real estate market.

A survey of UK property professionals commissioned by YourBusinessNumber found that 30% of people working in the industry have taken time off in the past two years, not because of illness, but because of due to fatigue or burnout.

For one shift, only one day was needed before returning to work, with 25% also taking only two days to recover.

However, up to 17% took five to seven days, and a further 13% said they were out of action for more than a week.

Half of those surveyed said they experienced burnout only once a year, while 28% took time to recover twice.

Another 17% backed down three to five times a year, and 7% said they did so more than five times a year.

The main contributing factor was a heavy workload, often leading to longer working days, as well as a lack of clear boundaries between their personal and professional lives.

Customer relationships are also among the top causes of workplace fatigue, as are workplace expectations such as meeting sales targets.

George Lineker, co-founder of YourBusinessNumber, said: “It is only now that mental health in the workplace is getting the attention it needs and one of the biggest issues is fatigue or fatigue. ‘burnout.

“Whether it’s a gigantic workload, hitting high performance goals, or not having a clear stop button when you finally get home, people across the country are all suffering from the same stress and the same expectations induced by work.

“This can have a serious impact on their well-being and the real estate industry is no different. Like many professions, the pandemic has led to a huge increase in the average real estate professional’s workload and as a result , one in three must take time off because they have reached the breaking point.


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