Senator Wiener’s legislation to streamline student housing, support mental health professionals and victims of sexual assault, and hold health plans accountable among those who will be heard by the full Senate


SACRAMENTO — 10 of Sen. Scott Wiener’s (D-San Francisco) bills will go to a full Senate vote after being passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee. The deadline for Senate approval of these bills is May 31.

Bills directed to the Senate floor from supply are:

SB 834 (No Insurgency Tax Exemption) – Ends tax-exempt status for nonprofits that engage in or support insurgency or overturn elections

SB 853 (Medication Access Act) – Requires health plans to cover drugs for the duration of any appeal of a denial of insurance coverage

SB 858 (Health Plan Accountability Act) – Updates and increases penalties for health plans that violate state law by denying or delaying insurance coverage

SB 879 (PET Act) – Ends the suffering of cats and dogs by prohibiting the use of these pets in toxicity testing of products such as pesticides and food and coloring additives

SB 886 (Student and Faculty Housing Act) – Streamlines and expedites statewide student housing production and increases housing supply so more students and faculty can live on campus

SB 923 (TGI Inclusive Care Act) – Requires that healthcare providers and staff who interact with transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex (TGI) people undergo cultural competency training to help them provide inclusive care

SB 964 (Behavioral Health Workforce Revitalization Act) – Increases California’s investment in its behavioral workforce to retain workers, increase the size of the behavioral health workforce, and support behavioral health workers who face a significant increase in demand for services

SB 1144 (Water Safety and Efficiency Act) – Requires public schools and state agencies to conduct a water quality and efficiency assessment at their facilities

SB 1228 (Genetic Privacy for Sexual Assault Victims Act) – Protects sexual assault survivors and other victims by prohibiting the retention of DNA profiles collected from victims by local law enforcement – including rape kits for sexual assault survivors

SB 1336 – Provides Targeted Tax Relief to Legal and Struggling California Cannabis Businesses

“We have a strong legislative package for 2022, and we are close to bringing legislation across the finish line,” said Senator Wiener. “Our bills to streamline student housing, increase resources for mental health professionals, ensure sexual assault victims’ DNA is not used against them, and many more will be now heard by the entire Senate. I’m proud to be the author of legislation that will help create a more equitable, sustainable, and just California.


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